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The Greatness of Granite
If you ask a Bolton granite fabricator the question "Why granite?” the answer is – "What's better?” For countertops in both the kitchen and washroom, granite has many qualities that set it above other surfaces.
  • There's simply no underestimating the visual appeal of granite. The elegance and varied surface colouring is almost hypnotic. Caught in the right light, granite countertops can sparkle and reveal endless variations of shading. It also conveys a look of permanence, as in "This kitchen – and its owner – are powers to be reckoned with!”
  • Granite is quarried all around the world and comes in a startling range of colours, patterns, grains and designs. Very few other countertop materials can offer the same range and, what's even better, no two pieces of natural granite are the same. Your counter is unique.
  • There are two surface versions to granite, roughly breaking down as "natural” and "polished”. Much will depend on the design of your kitchen – the natural surface, where the stone is unfinished, is earthier. The polished look is higher-tech and more modern.
  • Life is busy. We don't have a lot of time to maintain our homes and granite offers a distinct advantage here, too. It's durable and will last – you won't have to keep replacing pieces. And although it does require some maintenance, it is mostly the kind of common-sense cleaning that you would do for any surface.
  • Water resistance is a major property of granite. You can spill things on your countertop and never worry about staining and damaging. Granite also has a high resistance to heat – a pan left on the countertop won't hurt it. It is also resistant to many forms of bacteria.
The Drawbacks of Granite Are Few
Stacked against those positive attributes, there are few drawbacks to granite countertops. The stone is expensive (granite tiles, less so.) This can be off-putting, especially when compared to other materials, but the return on investment is much greater than with most other surfaces. And, of course, the durability means that you won't be stuck with a replacement job in a few years.
Installation is also expensive, and can't be done by a do-it-yourself-er. However, this has the advantage of having the job done "right” – and not having to be refitted at a later date. Again, tiles are less expensive to install, and more versatile than the larger slabs.
The uniqueness of the granite slab means that it is difficult to match with other pieces. You will never be able to line up the striations, though a good dealership will have sufficient stock of pieces that you will be able to remain within the same colour palette. Granite tiles have once again an advantage over slabs in this regard. In both cases, it is worth considering buying a bit extra of the stock you've used at the time of the initial installation, in case you wish to expand one of your counters.
Finally, you do need to regularly seal your granite countertop. The stone is porous and there are chances of an unsealed countertop absorbing liquids and developing stains. Most experts recommend re-sealing every couple of years. Regular washing with mild detergents is all that's necessary in between.
What's Stopping You?
Your Bolton granite fabricator is waiting for your call. It's time to upgrade your kitchen and give it a permanent, durable beauty. Why granite? You'll soon find out!
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